Compare Our Prices

Storage p/w in London Camden Self Storage Big Yellow Access
35 ft² £30.00 £66.90 £55.15
75 ft² £60.00 £89.10 £90.00
105 ft² £90.00 £104.40 £104.40


* Prices shown are standard list prices per week & don’t include any special offers. They are averages of samples taken from several random locations in and around Camden on 3rd March 2019.

Moving costs into store Camden Self Storage Removal Companies Man & Van
35 ft² FREE £175 £90
70 ft² FREE £260 £180
105 ft² FREE £420 £320


* Camden self storage offers 1 x hour of free loading upon arrival. Subject to packing requirements this can increase time spent on jobs. Hourly rates after the first hour are charged at £35 per man, per hour + vat. All quotes above are averages from local companies around Camden.

Avoid the hassle & cost of removal & transport

As well as bringing down the cost of storage, we’ve also thought about how you get your things to storage. Finding a transport company or hiring a van to do it yourself is extremely costly and time-consuming. If you are in a hurry it can even more stressful. With Camden Self Storage, you put your feet up as we do it for you. We send a FREE lorry to you (or your former storage company) at a time that suits you. Yes, lorry and petrol are complimentary. We make only a small charge for the loading crew, which can be reduced if you choose to help. In no time at your belongings are safe and secure at a Camden Self Storage center, and you start saving money.


Our price promise to you

When you compare Camden Self Storage to traditional self-storage companies such as Access, Big Yellow Storage, Shurgard, and Safestore, we really do come out on top for price and service. Many use introductory offers to appear good value, but prices soon go up to much higher rates, sometimes they double. There is often very little notice required to make further price hikes. We know this because many of our clients have switched to us after bad experiences. At Camden Self Storage, we promise never to raise the storage price you sign up to, for as long as your belongings are stored with us.


Prepay for longer & get an even better deal

Payment is made in advance on a monthly basis. But if you think you will stay longer you can prepay for 3 or 6 months, and receive a great discount. When your plan runs out, you can renew it or revert to a monthly plan. That flexibility is handy if you are unsure how long you need to store for.